I’m Just Sayin’

Today I am changing the name of this publication. It doesn’t matter why. It’s done and there will still be plenty of revolutions to be started, governments to run, feuds to be quelled, wars to be fought, bars to be emptied, bears to be wrestled, fences to be mended, and don’t forget naps. Naps are huge.

Not everyone will like or agree with what is written in these posts, and that’s just fine. You may find yourself surprised at some of the topics, and that’s ok too. I’m inviting you to read with an open mind and interact with your own thoughts and ideas, but most importantly with at least a reasonable amount of respect.

Most of us don’t even know what having an open mind means. A majority of people think that it means being tolerant of someone else’s thoughts or opinions, while silently wishing they and their ideas would take a long walk off a short pier. Being open minded means:

  • Accepting that another person’s ideas are important to them, and being respectful of that
  • Truly listening and absorbing the content and context of someone else’s opinion (where they’re coming from)
  • A willingness to compare and contrast your view of things with those of others (are we really that far apart?)
  • A respectful interaction that is not born out of a need to convert everyone that disagrees with you
  • The willingness to change your mind
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Two things we just don’t see enough of these days are open minds and respect. If you want to see them, you’re probably going to have to make them happen yourself. In other words, don’t seek those values from places like the media. You will not find them there. It’s hard to even think of a place one can go and be safe from the tsunami of anger and hate that has permeated our society. Neutrality and objectivity are currently on the “endangered” list. Virtually extinct.

There’ll be at least a semblance of decorum if you choose to participate and interact. If we can all work together to keep the “exercise” to a minimum (see graphic), there can be productive discussion that is both entertaining and educational. I choose to learn and laugh – simultaneously.

To me, there are two different connotations to the phrase, I’m Just Sayin’. The first (and how I intend it to be used) is just what it says. Kind of like “I’m just talkin’,” or “I’m just sharin’.” It’s a statement of fact that relates only to my current state of mind and what comes out as a result.

The second interpretation of I’m Just Sayin’ is the kind that makes me want to deliver a high five – with a chair – in the face. It’s akin to someone in a conversation saying, “With all due respect . . . ,” or “No offense, but . . .” You dang well know there is some disrespect and offense riding in directly behind those cowardly statements – unless you’re talking to a superior officer. Then it’s cool.

Image result for get enough exercise jumping to conclusions

But to slam somebody, tell a half-truth, gossip, fill in blanks you don’t know, or make threats followed by “I’m just sayin’,” is a direct fumble of the accountability ball and should be followed by a penalty or fine or something physically painful. It needs to be significant though, because in our lifetimes integrity has taken a beating. When you can say what you want, when you want, at who you want under the cover of the internet, one tends to lose control of their good character. Harmful words are one of the easiest ways to try to make yourself look important or sassy. What it does though, is make you look stupid – especially when calling someone else a name is the most intelligent thing you can come up with. I’m just sayin’!

I know, I know, it’s hard to encourage people to be nice when the leaders of the free world are up in Washington trying to bludgeon one another to death in the all-time name-calling Iron Person Challenge. What a joke. They’ve forgotten what it means to embody the values of their country. By the same token, we the citizens of this country need to see that those positive values are re-introduced, because God help us – as it stands – the United States of America is not indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I’m just sayin’.

Mr. H

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  1. This is great. I’ve always said that a closed mind was the most expensive thing you could own.

  2. Well Done, I’m just sayin

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