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Recovery . . . of the Easiest Kind . . .

(Due to technical difficulties, several of my shared social media outlets were not included in my last four posts. Please forgive me for duplicating, but did not want to leave anyone out. Thank you.)

I have intentionally left out the goings on of the past week, mostly because I didn’t want to be embarrassed just in case I didn’t handle things well. From this point forward i’ not editing anything i this post unless thank the Lord for spell correctihjg, you get it fromn Him. On Wednesday I underwent a pretty major back surgery – a double disk fusion. Whey call it  double fusion when they fuse together THREE vertebra I do not know. But It reallyt isn’t important right now because understanding muy intent is. You seem if I can communicate well with you while coming off of two heavy days of morphine, virtually any time I wanted it as lojng as it was only every eight nominates of the day, (that’s jiuuuiust a little heavy for me on any day), then i ought to do  pretty good job most all the time.

The truth is though as much as anything I’m having trouble typing with this pulse ox thing typed to muy indue finger. I think you can credit about every nine out of ten mistakes to the index finger – which means since I just spelled it “indue” finger inn the last sentence, that one was probably the drugs.

As a matter of fact I was coherent enough – AT 4:12 AM – this morning, to snap this clever photo:


My new alarm clock. Hope I’m not here long enough to operate it!

Here are the instructions. More morphine – long course.

No more morphine – “likelihood” of “start up” instructions 

Never mind it took me 24 minutes just ty type that message so i felt good about people unhderstandihbng it.

But during nmore coherent hours of the past few days I have given this entire process a bit mnore thought Even before the surgery God had this thought “running inn the background” of ny operating system (OS).

Since our purpose here at Realtime is to endouarge and challenge one another to “Bieng real” when it comes to becoming “God’s mnen,” husbands and fathers, I think it a pretty important thing that we explore our OS.

Think just for a minute of what all is required to have a good OS as a parent OR a spouse (and of either gender). All the responsibilities – the expectations – the duties – the obligations – the ways we show each other love – how we respect another – and most importantly, how we live out God’s character among another.

Now try to do all those things while either being OBN drugs, or conning OFF drugs – or a bout with alcohol. What about coming off a MAJOR LIFE SURGERY – a divorce, the estranbgenment of a child, the death of a family member, the diagnosis of a mental or emotional disorder (yes ALL those things DO happen to GOOD people).

But the one that we struggle to recover from the most – and the onje that we can do the most about . . . it’s the busy-ness. It’s the stress. It’s the lack of rest and quality timne. It’s not having enough battery to be God’s man or God’s woman. Oh, it’s not having the ability – it’s not appropriately USING the ability – HIS ability – provided in us.

Now, tell me you don’t know what the following screen is, and what is happening as a result. Since I’ve probably done enough damage thgis morning, I’mn going to lean on all of you to tell me what you see, and what you interpret.


Would you take some time from your busy day to comment on what you read and see?

And, as always . . .



Is “Who” You See What You Get?

I remember a morning sitting by a campfire, enjoying coffee, and spending some on-purpose time with Father. I often wonder why it is so easy to do when you’re in the mountains. Here, the environment is dominated by quiet, there are few of the normal distractions of life, and it seems that my mind can be as clear as the mountain air. All I can say is that for me, that is not usually an easy task! This day has in store a particularly stunning portrait of God’s imminently creative handiwork.

At an elevation of 8000 feet, I get bird’s eye views that are never forgotten. Today the sun is rising over a mostly clear landscape, and there is a breath-taking photo being shot by my internal camera. It’s an overhead view of a blue-gray fog that is literally smothering the valley below. Not the smoky type where you can still make out objects, but the kind that completely engulfs – hides every tree, building, or person that might be under its blanket. It causes the life that exists below it, be it good or bad, to be unknown to everyone else.


Is this representative of us?

For how many of us is the beautiful, yet all consuming fog representative of how our lives appear to others? And how can we know what to “put on” on the outside, if we don’t even know what we’re made of inside? Common sense tells us that if we ourselves haven’t discovered what our true identity is in this life, it is next to impossible for our outside façade to match up with anything! 

As exhausting as it is to keep up a good front when what is behind it doesn’t match, don’t you think it would be even harder if you can’t even identify the “behind” part?

The most revealing question I ask of any client in a therapy session is, “Who are you?” Almost without exception every client will begin with a list of what they are, or characteristics of their personality. After a few moments, I try to redirect, explaining what I’m looking for instead of their traits or identifying marks.

Only then does the moment of abject horror strike, and the face does not lie . . .

They . . .

Don’t . . .

Know . . . 

Never thought about it. Never wondered much about who is down there inside their gut. Most have, however, put a ton of time and energy into what’s on the outside . . .

What others see . . .


Ephesians 1:5-8 

“In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding . . .”

If we have, after all, discovered “the who, instead of the do,” then why don’t others see that person in us? I have to wonder (and I sometimes waiver) about whether I even know my own ultimate purpose while I’m here. I have to admit, it was never a single, clear-cut vision for me, but one that has, at times, been somewhat hazy, and has changed its course several times during my lifetime.

What I can tell you today however, is that without the presence of God dwelling within me . . .

I will never be what I desire to be . . .

OR . .  

What He desires me to be . . .

Being an open book comes naturally for only a few of us. As for the rest of us, there is an on-purpose effort required. We’re fogged in by our own nature. There is life and purpose below the shroud. But why isn’t that life evident to others? Is it because we are unwilling to let others see what Father has created us for? Or are we not allowing Him to create in us what he had in mind from the get-go?

I’m throwing down a huge challenge for all of us today. Can you get alone. Get still? Get quiet?  Paint some quality time into your schedule, and ask God to help you understand who you really are? It’s not gonna be easy. And part of it is not gonna be pretty. But it’s part of the journey – and the struggle – of becoming a real man . . . or woman . . .

God’s man (or woman) . . .

Would you encourage others by commenting about what struggles you face regarding “the who” of you? What are you discovering about “who you are” that is either comforting . . . or not?

But perhaps an even more important question for some – or at least one that needs to precede the “who” question . . .

Before we know who we are, shouldn’t we know whose we are? 

How do YOU overcome the challenge of knowing “who” you are? 

How do YOU work toward becoming an “open book,” knowing who you are, and allowing others to see in?