The Deal About Real

There are tons of things about which we could argue in the category of “the hardest thing for men to do.” 

So we’ll leave it at that. Your idea may be different than mine, and that makes neither of us wrong.

But the dynamic of a man’s life that to me, is one of the most challenging and trying portraits to paint, is that of the real man; the transparent person behind the guy-mask. Although the articles in this blog may be primarily directed toward men, there will be room for all of us to learn. Men, women, adolescents, and even children were shaped by The Creator to reflect His image, which hides nothing. God’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, expectations, and opinions (Does God really even have to have those?), are right out there in the open for all to see. No gray areas. No “maybe’s,” or “iffies.”

For every reason we could quote that has brought men (or mankind) to the place of living behind emotional, spiritual, and sometimes even physical facades, there is one fact that cancels them all out. He loves you like you are. That doesn’t mean we don’t have miles to go in allowing Him to grow our character to be more like His. It means He is ready to take us on right now; work on those warts or imperfections; mold us to reflect Him in what we believe, how we think, and how we model that in our day-to-day existences.

One of the most beneficial encouragements I’ve ever received (and hopefully re-gifted), is that of a man showing me that he is being real – transparent – unafraid to reveal that he is indeed, not the Marlboro man. But that under the skin, weathered and tough – or otherwise, he:

gets hurt . . .

has real fears . . .

endures insecurities . . .

feels unloved . . .

wonders if he’s good enough . . .

but is at least at least honest enough to share that with someone else.

There is freedom in being real. But there is also hard work, emotional turmoil, occasional anxiety, and if we’re being truthful – occasionally – a price to be paid. But the freedom from the bondage – emotionally and spiritually – trumps every fear or doubt one might have about becoming transparent.

This is just a blog. A format for articles, thoughts, and musings. It may not be life-changing or even encouraging for everyone that reads it. The intent however, is simply to share, encourage, and help us live life together, helping each other along as we go.

Remember, how we started is in the past. How we lived today will be in the past tomorrow. Where we were when we decided to pick up the pace is just a line in the sand. What lies ahead is what is important – how we finish.

So, as always . . .



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